Posted by: andwego | April 19, 2010

April newsletter…

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Easter!  We have just come out of a special Easter weekend spent with friends and our family.  This year was really special for us as Charlotte truly experienced the meaning of the holiday for the first time.  We hope your celebration of Christ’s resurrection was equally as meaningful.

 To update you a bit, PraiseFest was 2 weeks ago and was quite successful!  We made almost $800 which is all going to the orphanage in Nicaragua.  Jonathan was able to speak in front of the crowd for a few minutes about WEGO, the orphanage and the coffee business.  This spot led to many connections being made, one in particular with the director of a local Christian radio station.  He heard about us and our journey to Florida to work with WEGO, and he sought Jonathan out to offer him free airtime to raise awareness not only about WEGO but also about our decision to move our family here.  We have a meeting with him this coming week to lay out the details of what this will entail.  As we have not received much financial support, it is exciting to see God working out these kinds of things as possible ways of helping our family.  His plans are always far greater than our own.

Thank you for participating in our contest “Make your mark; brand our coffee’!  Between you, our online followers and the PraiseFest attendees, we received hundreds of votes.  We have selected a new name and winner…but you will have to wait until the unveiling of our new marketing plan and launch of the new gourmet blend to find out what it is.  We must sell the remainder of our first batch of coffee before moving forward.  If you are interested, our online ordering system is now up and running!  We have also been selling bulk orders to churches, bookstores and businesses, allowing them to make a small profit in turn.  Please contact us if this is something you would be interested in pursuing for your organization.

Another avenue of sales into which we have ventured is farmers’ markets.  There are markets in our county Thursday through Sunday every week, so Jonathan started setting up camp at a different one each day this week.  In order to do this, however, we were required to get a food vending permit through the Department of Agriculture.  A process that could typically take weeks or months, God orchestrated everything to happen all in four days!  And because we had to get a commercial storage unit for storing the coffee, we were able to get a discount on our personal storage unit just for the recommendation.  We don’t take any little thing for granted and love keeping track of the numerous ways God provides for us. However, this permit cost the ministry $355 which had to be taken from the money we made at PraiseFest, depleting the amount we could send to Nicaragua.  If God puts it on your heart to offset this cost for us, we would appreciate it so very much. 

WEGO is sending teams of people to Nicaragua during the month of June and I (Catherine) will be going for the first time June 5-12!  I am so excited to be there, meet the children, see the recently opened school, and help with the medical/construction teams.  Having never been, it’s been hard for me to envision what we are really working for with WEGO.  This trip will give me such an understanding of this place that is so special to Jonathan and to those with whom we work.  My flight costs $400 and the trip cost is $925.  I would be ever grateful for any amount that one might be willing to give towards making this trip possible. 

We are always seeking out ways to make money and a new lead has come up for Jonathan.  He is meeting with the leadership of a local Christian high school to discuss introducing Biblical Greek into their curriculum next year.  He has always wanted to try his hand at teaching and his connection with the superintendent is making it more of a reality! 

Thank you for praying for us as we keep walking forward.  This is not always fun or easy and we find ourselves frustrated at times, wondering ‘what are we doing???’  And then God steps in and shows us in amazing ways, lifting our eyes back up towards Him.  We love hearing from you, so please keep in touch and let us know how to pray for you.

Grace and peace,

Jonathan, Catherine, Charlotte, and Thaddaeus

PO Box 320838, Cocoa Beach, FL, 32932-0838

Order coffee! :


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