Posted by: andwego | April 30, 2010

Discipleship Counseling Training

So for those of you who don’t know, I (Catherine) am taking a 1-year course through WEGO called ‘Discipleship Counseling Training’.  It’s a course that looks at different areas of Christian counseling and offers time to put into use what we are learning through small group therapy practicums with each other.  I go to this class at the WEGO office every Tuesday afternoon and it has been such a blessing for me!  Not only am I getting to know some great people in the area but I am trying my hand at an area of specialization into which for a long time I have wanted to delve.  Our first session  (2 weeks) was focused on small group facilitating – how to facilitate therapy done in small groups of people.  We then jumped into a 6-week course on codependency, looking at the different ways it can come across and how to move people towards healthier relationships and caring for themselves.  During the 6 weeks we spent time in small groups, taking turns practicing the facilitating we had learned about in the previous session, and it was so rewarding!  It’s amazing how a small group of people can remain focused and really grow together in just 6 weeks when there is determined facilitating happening and everyone is actively involved in drawing each other out.  Our small group ‘teacher’ (there to oversee) told me after I facilitated that God has obviously gifted me in that area and it’s obviously the type of therapy I’d be really good at practicing.  I don’t know about that, but I do really enjoy it and find satisfaction in keeping a group on task and actively pursuing healing and understanding. 

This coming week we start a 5-week series called Discipleship Counseling, going through the book of the same name by Dr. Neil Anderson.  I can’t wait to see what God wants to teach me through these coming weeks. 

At the end of the year-long course, I will then take an extra 6-month intensive study time (lots of reading/DVDs/tests) supervised by the head of WEGO’s counseling center, Renee.  If I pass all of those tests and meet her approval with my work, I will then be certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) to practice lay counseling.  That means I can provide counseling services free of charge (since I will not have a state license or masters degree) through WEGO or any Christian organization.  I really look forward to this, as it’s a big part of the ministry WEGO offers in our county.

Thanks for your prayers!



  1. Hi Catherine, I LOVED reading this and I can totally picture you as a therapist. You really are one of the best listeners and explorers and carers and question askers I have ever met. Thank you for being the first person I wanted to go to when I needed to process or be heard for many months. You were a great therapist to me! You do have a serious gift, and I love that you are getting further equiped in this area. I am so excited!

  2. Oh Catherine…

    So glad to read this update. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering how the training has been going. Sounds just like something you would be so good at.

  3. Sounds great Catherine! How is it being the student for a change? 🙂
    Your new place sounds great, love to see some pictures some time.

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