Posted by: andwego | July 27, 2010

June/July Update

Dear Family and Friends,

What a crazy month-and-a-half it has been for us!  We apologize for not being in touch on schedule but, as you’ll read, we have been rather busy.  June started with Jonathan giving the homily in our friends’ wedding, officiating alongside their reverend.  It was his first time doing this and it was a very rewarding experience.  He even got to wear the Anglican robes!  The following day, June 5th, I went to Nicaragua for one week with a group from WEGO, taking on the role of ‘pharmacist’ on the medical team.  Our team was able to see over 650 patients in 4 days as well as feed lunches to local communities.  I could write a whole letter just about the trip but there just isn’t enough space.  Please see our blog for more info and pictures.  I am so grateful that I was finally able to travel to Nicaragua and see the orphanage/meet the children we are working to support.  While I was on my trip Jonathan stayed home as ‘Mr. Mom’ for the week and, despite the constant demands of 2 children, he was able to complete his third-to-last class.  He now has only 2 more classes to complete before he will graduate with his Master of Divinity degree from Regent College!

As soon as I returned from the trip we had several of Jonathan’s family members come stay with us and we had many fun times together, including a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  It is great to live so close to all of the theme parks in Orlando – any of you are welcome to visit!  After those family members left we flew to Omaha for a week, where Jonathan preached at Westside Church (where his dad is pastor) and was ordained!  Going through the ordination ceremony was such a special experience.  We were both prayed over by all ordained members of the church body and heard so many beautiful blessings poured out on us, our marriage, our family, and our Christian walk of faith.  Thanks to all of you who were a part of that special day. 

Since then we celebrated both Charlotte’s and my birthdays at Disney World and have been working on building our ‘farm’.  We got 21 chicks and they are living in brooders in our garage until they are big enough to move into the stable, which Jonathan is preparing.  We also stocked our pond with a lot of fish which, in a few months, will be able to feed us and others!  A friend who is a landscape architect helped us zone out the best areas of our land for planting crops, so we are in the process of preparing the soil for planting.  It is busy, but the work is so rewarding and has strengthened relationships – ours and those with several of our friends who have spent countless hours working with us, pursuing this endeavor of living off the land.

Thank you so much for your prayers regarding WEGO’s future, especially the outlook for the orphanage in Nicaragua.  God has been so faithful in His provisions!  The rest of summer is looking very good, as letters requesting support were sent out in the community which resulted in wonderful miracles of generosity.  Cooking oil has been donated to the orphanage as well as 50% discounted beef from a meat packing plant in the area.  Praise God!  Additionally, people have come forward and increased their giving, which equates to supporting three staff members in Nicaragua.  The vegetable gardens on the orphanage land are doing very well;   avocados, wheat, corn, beans, and plantains…with lots of rain from tropical storm Alex this could be a year of abundance crop-wise for the children.  God is good!

As for the coffee venture, there is a lot going on.  New Earth Goods’ new coffee blend arrived this weekend!  With new packaging (compostable bags), great labels and incredible coffee inside, it is certain to be a success.  Please check the website to order this delicious new roast.  There is so much potential with the coffee – fundraisers for schools, grocery store chains, online sales, etc.  Actually, the coffee (as of today) is now on the shelf at a local health food store!  We are praying that God would continue to open doors for us in many new directions. 

Early September, Jonathan will be going by himself to Nicaragua to plan for the mission trip to the coffee farm in January.  He needs to figure out housing, meals, transportation, and all other logistical things involved in leading a missions trip.  Please pray for his safety and for agreeable weather, as it is rainy season right now and the coffee farm is up in the mountains.  Roads up the mountain are not too good, so safety can be an issue.  Funds need to be raised to cover his trip expenses, as money in the coffee account is limited at this time.  If this is something you feel led to help with, please let us know.  We appreciate every bit.  Thank you!

The exact trip dates to the coffee farm in January are not yet set, but we will let you know as soon as it is figured out.  We hope that some of you would join us as we work alongside the farmers!  WEGO has also announced its mission trip dates for next summer:  June 4th-19th 2011.  You can go for the first week, the second week, or both.  WEGO trips typically consist of a medical team, educational/teacher training team and a VBS team.  The accommodations are very comfortable and the food is delicious.  It’s a great first-timer mission trip for people not accustomed to being in a 3rd-world country.  Please let us know if this kind of trip appeals to you!  Anyone of any age is welcome; we are the body of Christ and there are jobs for everyone.

We cannot express our thanks enough for the support that keeps trickling in at just the right times.  God has been faithful to us in so many ways.  We keep a list of praises and prayer requests on our blog, so please see that for detailed sharing of what is going on in our hearts and lives.  Deciding to work our land and see if we can make something productive out of it has been such a wonderful thing for us.  Our marriage has been thriving and our children love being a part of watering plants, feeding the fish and caring for the chicks.  We feel that we are, truly, in God’s will and seeing sweet community growing along with this ‘project’ is just a testament to what the body of Christ is all about. 

Grace and peace,

Jonathan, Catherine, Charlotte & TJ

PO Box 320838, Cocoa Beach, FL, 32932-0838



  1. What a fantastic, blessed update Catherine! I am grinning from ear to ear with happiness for you, Jonathan and your family!

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