Posted by: andwego | August 16, 2010

Care for the orphans, widows, and hungry

It seems as though our life is unfolding towards this purpose.

We work with WEGO to support children in an orphanage.  It’s why we moved here.

We ‘happened’ to move into a house that is situated next to a widowed woman and across the street from yet another.

The land our house is on is 4 acres.  We have started growing things…chickens, vegetables, fish, legumes.  LOTS of them.  We want to feed people and minister not only with our faith in Christ but IN His example of how He lived for others. 

People are asking ‘why are you building a farm?  Did you plan to do this when you moved to Florida?’  Well, because we want to feed people.  We want to invite people in to work alongside us, fellowshipping and breaking bread together.  We want to care for those around us.  And, no, we had no idea this would be a part of our life when we moved here.  But it has become almost THE reason for us staying  here.  It is beautiful and it is holistic.  It is life-giving and it is a gift to us.



  1. WOW! It is just SO amazing!

  2. I LOVE how God has surprised and gifted you with this beautiful ministry. Inspiring!

  3. I’ve been catching up with your blog posts this morning, it’s so exciting to hear about what God is doing in your lives. The Farm sounds wonderful. Mark would love to have some land to keep animals and grow crops.

  4. so great that you guys are wanting to pass the gift of food on. there’s so many amazing passages in scripture where God feeds people. i love it when the risen Jesus calls to the disciples at lake galilee from the shore and says “come and have breakfast!”. God is a feeder ey.

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