About us…

Our Family

We are a family of 4 seeking adventure as we live for the spreading of the Gospel throughout the world.  Jonathan (Texas), Catherine (California), Charlotte (4 – Nebraska), and Thaddaeus (1 1/2 – Vancouver) – we are hoping to live out God’s commandment to love and care for those who are lonely, hurting and needy.  Thank you for caring for our family and supporting us as we journey forward.

Thaddaeus Jonathan - 'TJ'

Thaddaeus Jonathan is our smiley and snuggly 1 ½-year-old.  His happy nature and easy-going personality make him so much fun to be around.  He is definitely a 2nd-born and MOST definitely a boy!  Just look at him, here, eating cereal with a spatula!  He is at the stage where he is into everything and humors us with his fascination with any kind of gadget.  He loves trains, cars and tractors, anything that makes lots of noise.  In our short time here, we’ve also found that he loves the beach, from throwing sand to playing catch with the tiny waves.  He also can’t get enough of the pool!  We think we might have the next Michael Phelps in our family – TJ even has 2 webbed toes on each foot…could be a sign of things to come…

Charlotte Grace

Charlotte Grace is our ‘sweet and spicy’ 4-year-old daughter.  She has more spunk than one can imagine and is constantly keeping us on her toes with her antics and never-ending questions.  At the same time, she has the most tender heart and cares deeply for people, always thinking of thoughtful ways to show her love to her family and friends.  She is in preschool at a wonderful Christian school nearby and absolutely loves it!  Her mind is like a sponge – the more to learn, the more she wants.  Aside from Bible, letters and numbers, she is also learning Spanish, gymnastics and preparing for a spring performance!  The school is so much more challenging than anywhere she has been before, and it’s obvious she is thriving in this situation.  Watching her grow in her understanding of God and Jesus has been a blessing to us over the past few weeks.  We’ve started ‘catching’ her praying in private for different people in her life and are now fielding questions like “Daddy, where is Jesus?” and “Mommy, why did Jesus die on a cross?”  It is such a blessing to be a part of growing her up in the Lord!


Catherine is originally from San Jose, California and spent most of her life in the Bay Area.  She graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama with a B.A. in French and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies.  Returning to California after graduation she worked briefly in admin support at her high school and then became a gallery manager/custom framing designer at an art gallery/framing shop.  After one year she packed up to start on her life of adventure!  She travelled to Sri Lanka after the tsunami to help in the reconstruction efforts there.  This instilled in her the desire to help the destitute and those without hope.  She then headed to L’Abri, in Switzerland, where she met Jonathan…the rest is history!  Catherine loves being with her family and amazing friends as well as working on art projects, piano, dancing, swimming, reading, and cooking.


Jonathan is a Texas boy through and through!  The son of a pastor, he spent 15 years in Texas before moving with his family to Colorado to plant a church.  He attended high school and some junior college (on a golf scholarship) in Pueblo while also managing a restaurant.  He eventually headed to Florida where he graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Organizational Communications.  During his time in college he travelled to Nicaragua with WEGO Ministries, where he realized God’s calling on his heart to support and serve those in 3rd-world countries.  This call never left him, even as he went to L’Abri in Europe.  He and Catherine married in 2005 and spent 1 year in Omaha, Nebraska where he worked for a capital campaign business as well as for a homeless shelter.  Deciding to pursue a Masters of Divinity, Jonathan and Catherine moved their family to Vancouver in 2007 to attend Regent College, an international seminary.  Jonathan has just 3 classes left to complete and will graduate in the spring of 2011.  He enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, baseball, and hunting.  He trained our black lab, Taxi, as a bird dog and can’t wait to hunt quail with him in season!


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