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Back up and running…

Hello all!  We have our internet back (hallelujah!) AND Jonathan has returned safely with his team from their week in Nicaragua.  It was an amazing time for them during which they got a LOT of work accomplished…and now realize how much work lies ahead!  Thank you for praying for their safety and work during the past week.

As soon as Jonathan returned Thursday afternoon, he got a phone call from Denny (his best friend, also on the trip) saying there is a booth available at the upcoming (next weekend!) Brevard County PraiseFest!  This is an annual event in which all Christian organizations/churches/radio stations in our county come together to raise awareness of each other and what they all do in the community.  This opportunity is HUGE for building awareness of our coffee and for WEGO’s work abroad.  All of this means that Jonathan is already working his tail off in order to prepare for this first big marketing adventure.

Thursday night, upon arriving home, he immediately took off to a planning meeting for this event…and was able to land the job of ‘coffee provider’ for the entire event!  This is amazing for us – the event coordinators were just going to use Sysco’s (the huge catering supplier) coffee, but as soon as they heard about our coffee, they decided to use us instead and have our coffee brewing at all beverage stations during the PraiseFest.  I don’t know how Jonathan does it, but he was also able to land a brief (3-4 minute) speaking part during the event to speak to the 5,000-6,000 attendees about what we’re doing with the coffee and WEGO, and might possibly get a few radio spots from the Christian radio stations for advertising about our coffee.  This is just so amazing, how God orchestrated all of the right people to be there to meet Jonathan and hear our vision.

This week is panning out to be ridiculously busy, in preparing for PraiseFest next Saturday.  There is so much work to be done, especially with the media collected this past week in Nicaragua.  Our ‘media marketing’ guru, Skyler (also on the trip) will be working nonstop with Jonathan this week to prepare things for the weekend.  Please pray for mental clarity for Jonathan as he navigates his way through this week with Skyler and Marc (WEGO director) in preparing for this.  It is a huge undertaking, but he is willing to put in the crazy hours it will take to make it a huge success for our business.  I have been sick for the past 2 days – please pray that Jonathan does not get the bug from me.  And, above all, pray that God’s name would be exalted and proclaimed through the story we have of the coffee and how it relates to the spreading of God’s kingdom.

Pictures to come soon!

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Having problems!

Hi everyone – thanks for bearing with us.  Jonathan is in Nicaragua right now and I’m with the kids for the week.  Of course, the internet connection in our condo went out the day Jonathan left and so the only place I can do ‘work’ from is in the parking lot of a local coffee shop!  I am hoping to post our new update tonight, depending on how work during naptime goes 🙂  In the meantime, check out our updated ‘About us…’ section.  Thanks for all the reads – it’s encouraging to see how many of you are reading!

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Dear Friends and Family,

“Business as Mission.” What does this mean?  You may have heard the phrase mentioned in social circles or in the latest piece of Christian literature on the newsstands.  Basically, it is using entrepreneurial skills and resources to fund missions and projects, not by asking for money but by teaming with communities whose work can create a cyclical order of provision.  Confusing? Perhaps. But as you watch it play out in our lives over the next few years, you will hopefully come away with a new vision for how ‘missions’ can look and for how you can allow God to use your gifts and careers for making known the Gospel.

After 3 years of seminary in Vancouver we are moving to Cocoa Beach, Florida, home of WEGO (Worldwide Evangelical Gospel Outreach) Ministries.  We have been involved with WEGO from afar and are excited to join with them now in ministry, both locally and internationally.  WEGO is diverse in its opportunities, operating as a gateway for churches and individuals to participate in sharing the love of God.  With a counseling center, women’s home, and feeding program in Florida, as well as children’s homes and schools abroad, there are many ways to put one’s faith and love into action.  From Nicaragua to Mongolia to the Ukraine, WEGO is facilitating both societal and individual transformation.

With the downturn of the economy over the past year, support for WEGO has dropped and new ways of supporting the ministries – mainly, the children’s home, medical clinic and school in Nicaragua – are being developed.  Jonathan is coming along to start a coffee company based in that country, employing fair trade farmers and empowering the local community.  It is our hope that the different ministries can become self-sustaining through this business venture we are creating with WEGO.  With the work required stateside to run this business, we are glad that this will also be creating jobs for our fellow Americans.

We are excited about this season of our lives, as it calls for involvement from each of us.  Catherine will be completing a year-long discipleship counseling training course in order to practice lay counseling as well as doing event planning for WEGO as we help promote the presence of not-for-profit organizations within the county.  Jonathan will be using his entrepreneurial skills to launch a coffee company, partnering with Nicaraguan farmers to support WEGO’s work in Nicaragua.  He will also be facilitating missions trips with various international partnerships.

Our goal is that the coffee business will be up and running, with smooth online ordering and a streamlined shipping process, by summer’s end.  As a small percentage of the net profit from the coffee sales will go towards supporting our family it is our hope that, after 2-3 years, we will be self-sufficient and no longer needing to raise support.  However, that is a ways off, so we are asking you to join with us for this ‘sprint’ and support our family as we walk forward in the footsteps of Christ.

You can partner with us both in prayer and in finances.  First, please pray for this ministry!  We are so excited to see God at work and to be used as His hands.  We also would love prayer for our family’s safety, provision and relationships, especially that of our marriage.

Financially, there are so many ways you can help!  For 2010 we are in need of healthcare ($1,200/month), travel expenses ($10,000), home/car/life insurance ($400/month), house payment/expenses, gas, groceries, etc., totaling approximately $70,000.  If you would like to help with a specific area of need that would be wonderful!  We would love to speak with you about different ideas you may have for helping our family.

If you need a tax receipt please make your donation out to WEGO Ministries; if you do not need a tax receipt (which would keep us from paying taxes on your gift), please make it out to Jonathan or Catherine.  If you would like to use a credit card, contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.  Please send all gifts, along with your updated ‘contact card’ to the P. O. Box below.  We are intent on keeping you updated through mail, email, our blog, and Facebook, so please keep us informed of any change you have in contact information.

We look forward with hope and faith that through your support we would be empowered to change lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ in every corner of our broken world.  We thank you in advance for your support and we are so thankful for each of you!

Grace and peace,

Jonathan, Catherine, Charlotte, and Thaddaeus Dodd

PO Box 320838

Cocoa Beach, FL


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