We are heeding the advice of Jonathan’s mom (Ginger) and writing down all of the blessings and provisions God has showered upon us as we have started this journey of faith.  I will be updating it as more things arise…so be checking almost daily!


  • We are enjoying sharing our home with people, whether it’s for a Wednesday night dinner (where we invite a different person/people we know each week) or for a work day/bonfire.  We are grateful for the community we have and that is building!
  • Charlotte started school and loves it!  TJ is attending Mother’s Day Out once a week and loves that, too:)


  • Jonathan has signed on at Merritt Island Christian School as a substitute teacher!  We are thrilled!  Please pray for many work days for him maybe, even, for long-term subbing for teachers on leave for various reasons.
  • Jonathan was able to get our coffee on the shelf at a health food store near Orlando!  The owners are Christians and he met them while working their monthly market back in March.  As of today, the 18th, they are selling New Earth Goods coffee!
  • The coffee has arrived!  It got here yesterday (the 17th) so we are now able to start online ordering again and getting into local stores!
  • Our family spent 3 fun days in Orlando at DisneyWorld celebrating Charlotte’s 4th and Catherine’s 28th birthdays.  We had fun meals, times in the pool, paddle boating, and days spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  We love Disney!  Thank you to our families who made it all possible!
  • We had around 250 fish delivered and dumped into our pond the other day; the idea is that some of them grow and reproduce…then we will be able to fish and catch dinner in our backyard! 
  • Speaking of food, we got 21 (they threw in an extra for us) baby chicks today! (July 12th)  Did you know you can get 20 chicks for $50?  In a few months they will be laying eggs almost daily for us (yes, that’s around 550/month), providing us with food and giving us the ability to sell eggs and to donate fresh eggs to local feeding programs.  Yeah!


  • It is almost unbelievable that we made it through this month!  God sure had His hand on us!
  • Charlotte and TJ were both ‘accepted’ for Medicaid!!!  This is so wonderful – our kids now have health coverage
  • Jonathan did his first wedding on June 4th!  Our friends Denny and Lindsay tied the knot and asked Jonathan to deliver the homily in their Anglican service, along with their Reverend.  He did such a great job!
  • Catherine travelled to Nicaragua to work with a medical team in some areas around Managua.  She had a great time and is home safely
  • Jonathan finished his third-to-last class while being Mr. Mom while Catherine was in Nica.  He now only has 2 more classes to finish before he will graduate from Regent College! 
  • Jonathan’s dad was in Orlando for the Southern Baptist Convention and he came to spend a night with us and treat us to some meals out.  We love our Papa!
  • We had a great visit with Jonathan’s grandparents, aunt & uncle, and cousins in mid-June.  We spent a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom together with them, and then hosted all 6 of them in our home for 2 days over Father’s Day weekend.  It was a blast!
  • Right after that visit, we flew up to Omaha for a week where Jonathan preached at our old church, Westside (his dad is pastor), and was also ORDAINED!  This was so exciting and very special.  It was so great to be with his family and his sister, who just moved back to the States from Japan.  Jonathan is now a REVEREND – he can marry and bury people.  I am so proud of him!


Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in here in so long!

  • We found a home to rent!!  It is wonderful and we love it so much.  See our ‘These Dodd Days’ blog for photos of the land and home
  • Charlotte ended school on the 21st and is already so excited about starting again in the fall – that is definitely a praise!
  • Charlotte is enrolled at Merritt Island Christian School for VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten); VPK is free for every 4-year-old in Florida, so we are praising God for that!  Free private school!
  • Our family has grown so much closer since our move; we have so many more responsibilities now, living on 4 acres of land, but working together has been very healthy for us


  • Jonathan being able to start selling coffee at farmers markets
  • being able to get our food vendors license in an incredibly short time!
  • we got a discount on our personal storage unit since we recommended WEGO for a storage unit for the coffee
  • an incredibly fun birthday weekend for Jonathan this past weekend with family who flew in, golf, fishing, and a surprise party; thanks to all of you who contributed letters for his birthday book!
  • we got the AC in the van fixed – was $200, which was less than expected
  • some great new friends for us, esp. a married couple with 2 kids!


  • The opportunity for us to represent ourselves (the coffee company and WEGO) at PraiseFest!
  • Jonathan and his crew returned back safely from Nicaragua
  • our internet connection is back!  Thank you for praying – it was less than 24 hours!
  • a babysitter our first day here so that we could both attend the WEGO retreat – thank you, Lindsay!
  • forgot to mention this below…some friends offered to let Taxi (our lab) live with them until we find our own home – this is SUCH a blessing to us!!  And they’re close enough that we can see him every day if we want
  • Charlotte is settling into school and loving it!  Her teacher has such positive things to say at the end of every day – we were even given all of the curriculum that she missed from the first semester, so we’ve started playing ‘catch-up’ and it is actually a lot of fun!
  • a library, post office and park all just a 10 minute walk from the condo
  • we FINALLY got our drivers’ licenses after 4 trips to the DMV.  I’m not kidding.  With the kids.
  • our condo ‘hosts’ are so sweet and have provided meals for us and love spending time in prayer with us – such a blessing!  It’s like having grandparents living upstairs 🙂


To start, here are some of the main ones that helped us decide to walk in this direction:

  • provision of a cargo roof rack for our car to help in transporting things from the west coast to the east
  • a wonderful couple in Florida offering our family their beachfront condo as a temporary residence until we find our own home
  • a dentist in Florida offering to cover our family’s dental care for little-to-no cost
  • a doctor who will provide care to Catherine for free; he is also looking for a pediatrician who will care for the children for little-to-no cost as well
  • a group of amazing men who have volunteered their time & talents to help Jonathan in the marketing of this coffee company; they are traveling with him to Nicaragua in early March to help with media
  • a huge group of people who helped us pack, load and clean when we left Vancouver
  • an absolutely wonderful SURPRISE send-off party for us our last night in Vancouver with all of our best friends
  • the man who did our paperwork as we crossed the border back into the U.S. waived the $500 import fee we were supposed to pay on our car; he heard what we were doing and I guess he felt like he should help us out!
  • big discounts and free food at every hotel we stayed at on our cross-country journey
  • all of the time Catherine had to herself during the stay in Omaha; Jonathan’s parents spoiled her and the kids!
  • Jonathan’s uncle helped us find a new (to us) truck; we had only 1 car the past 3 years and we now need 2; turns out it’s the exact truck Jonathan had wanted for several years
  • provision of a large sum of money to help with moving/gas costs

God is good!!!


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