Prayer requests…

In an effort to keep your hearts aware of how to pray for us, we’ll be updating this section weekly.  Thank you for your prayers!

  • Jonathan is going to Nicaragua at the end of August for 1 week. Please pray for his safety, as he is going by himself then working with one of the WEGO employees there while he’s setting up the mission trip to the coffee farm in January.  And pray for safety for the children and me while we are here without him!
  • Jonathan has signed on as a substitute teacher at Merritt Island Christian School!  Please pray for many work days for him and, perhaps, some long-term subbing for teachers out on leave. 
  • For adequate support to come in for us to survive;  July was our lowest month yet and August is looking the same.  Jonathan is trying to finish his classes so that he can actively pursue a pastorate soon after.
  • For a church home for our family.  It is hard to find a church down here, after experiencing church in Vancouver.  It can be a stressful thing!
  • You may have seen that Charlotte and TJ got Medicaid – that is great, but Jonathan and I were both denied Medicaid coverage.  It can be scary thinking of what would happen if one of us was in an accident.  It seems ridiculous – we have too much money in our savings for them to give us Medicaid, but we don’t have enough money to pay for private insurance!  For insurance for both of us would be almost $1,000/month, which we just can’t afford.  Please pray for something to happen that would allow us to be covered.
  • For our family, that God would honor the time we spend together, especially in our daily devotions and readings together.

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